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Formed in 1892, the Tuscarawas County Bar Association ("TCBA") is an association of 110 attorneys who live and/or regularly practice in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

The TCBA meets regularly throughout the year and engages in various community service projects, including scholarships, Law Day, and Mock Trial. The TCBA also has social events for its members and opportunities for networking and professional development through committee assignments.



How To Find A Lawyer

The member directory on this site is an excellent place to find a Tuscarawas County attorney. You can list TCBA members by name or practice area.

Talking to friends whom have had a positive experience with their own attorney is also helpful. Remember that attorneys are licensed to handle any matter in Ohio, but most will concentrate on a few key areas, just as your family doctor refers you to another physician for surgery. It is fair to ask an attorney some basic questions, such as: 

  • Whether he or she has experience in your area of law. 
  • Whether he or she has experience in the court to which you will be going. 
  • How much of his or her time is spent in that area of law. 

Some attorneys will provide free office consultations for certain types of cases. The decision is up to each attorney. Most will not provide advice over the phone. Expect to discuss arrangements for paying your attorney at your first meeting if you wish to engage his or her services. 

For those whom cannot afford an attorney, there are some other alternatives. The Tuscarawas County Public Defender Office (153 N. Broadway, New Philadelphia, 330-364-3523) provides free services to qualifying individuals whom are: 

  • Charged with a crime which could possibly include time in jail or prison. 
  • Charged with contempt of a court order. 
  • Charged with juvenile delinquency. 
  • Have a case in Juvenile Court where children are being taken away by Jobs and Family Services (JFS). 

The TCPD does NOT represent people on any other matter, including: 

  • Civil matters. 
  • Child support cases (except contempts). 
  • Custody fights not involving JFS. 

For civil (non-criminal) problems, low income individuals can contact Southeast Ohio Legal Services (332 W. High, New Philadelphia, 330-339-3998). SEOLS helps with many civil problems, such as: 

  • Evictions. 
  • Welfare benefit denials. 
  • Creditor problems. 
  • Protecting abused women.

Bar Association Officers


Joshua E. O'Farrell


Jillian Armstrong


Robert Preston


Kristin Zemis

Bar Member Directory

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Bar Admissions
Chairperson: Jennifer Miller
Members: Richard Hinig, Elizabeth Stephenson, Christopher Wagner, Brad Zimmerman

: Elizabeth W. Stephenson
Members: J.J. Ong, Elizabeth Stephenson, Deb Greenham, Traci Berry, Judee Dzigiel, Tony Touschner

Court Liaison 
Chairperson: Dennis D. Traver
Members: Denny Traver, Mike Johnson, Joe Tripodi, Deb Erdman, Kristin Zemis

Chairperson: Robert B. Preston III, Esq.
Members: Robert Preston (president - 2012), Timothy Fox (vp), Tara Wright (treasurer), Mary Clutter (secretary), Doug Jackson (past president)

Family Law
Chairperson: Richard L. Fox
Members: Dick Fox, Karen Zajkowski, Deb Greenham, Joe Tripodi, Erick Bauer, Kristin Zemis, Mike Harrington, Lisa Brown-Tolloti, Traci Berry, David Worth, Andrea Fischer-Immke, Deb Erdman

Golf Outing
Chairperson: Michael C. Johnson
Members: Mike Johnson, Erick Bauer

Law Day
Chairperson: Michael J. Ernest
Members: Mike Ernest, Elizabeth Stephenson, Dave Hipp, Kevin Lundholm, Zack Space, Mike Cochran, Harry Tolhurst, Ann Whaley

Mock Trial
Chairperson: James J. Ong
Members: J.J. Ong, Mike Ernest, Christine Weimer, Jay Deeds, Chris DeLaCruz, Erick Bauer, Steve Anderson

Chairperson: R. Scott Deedrick
Members: Scott Deedrick, Joy Reed, Anthony Touschner, Judee Dzigiel, Mike Ernest

Chairperson: Kristin R. Zemis
Members: Deb Greenham, Erick Bauer, Lisa Brown-Tolloti, Kristin Zemis, Elizabeth Stephenson

Chairperson: Mark Perlaky
Members: Mark Perlaky, Ryan Styer, J.J. Ong, Mike Ernest, Elizabeth Stephenson, Paul Hervey

Free Legal Clinic

The TCBA, Southeastern Ohio Legal Services, and the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation and the Tuscarawas Council for Church and Community all collaborate to offer Free Legal Clinics periodically throughout the year. These are generally held at the Emmanuel Lutheren Church, located across from the New Philadelphia Police Station, and are available to low-income individuals with any type of legal problem.

During these clinics, TCBA attorneys voluteer their legal services to consult with and advise, FREE OF CHARGE, those who may not otherwise be able to afford an attorney, in a private and confidential setting. Attorneys with various skills and experiences are available to offer guidance on a variety of legal, personal issues. Occasionally, the attorneys will agree to engage in ongoing representation on a case on a pro bono basis or at a discounted rate.

You do need to sign up in advance of the clinic so that enough attorneys are available. Bring all documentation regarding the issue in question. For more information, call 330-339-3998 or 800-686-3670.

Law Day

President Eisenhower designated May 1st as Law Day, and this day has been promoted annually by the American Bar Association and local bar associations across the USA to educate the public about the practice of law. TCBA members participate in Law Day by speaking in the public schools of Tuscarawas County on a variety of topics relating to the practice of law. These attorneys will attest that our local students are generally very inquisitive and interested in a local attorney's perspective and experience in the legal system. TCBA attorneys also serve as judges in the Ohio Bar Association's "There Ought to be a Law" state-wide essay competition among Ohio's high school students.

Mock Trial Competition

The TCBA plays a material role in faciliatating the annual Ohio Mock Trial Competition, which is sponsered by the Ohio Bar Association and the Ohio Center for Law Related Activities. The Mock Trial Competition is a state-wide tournament with teams of high school students (two attorneys, two witnesses, and a bailiff) who compete in a mock trial against each other on a given, hypothetical set of facts and evidence. The students are judged and scored based upon their trial presentation skills and knowledge of the facts and issues. The top teams in the the first round advance to a final round of mock trials in Columbus.

One day each year, the Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Judges open their courtrooms to facilitate 10 mock trials in the first round of competition for teams from public schools in Tuscarawas, Coshocton, Guernsey, Harrison and Belmont Counties. Local attorneys from the TCBA serve as coordinators, judges and team coaches for area teams.


The TCBA awards annual scholarships for students of the Kent State University - Tuscarawas Campus. Scholarships are limited to Tuscarawas County residents whom are enrolled full-time at the KSU-Tuscarawas branch. The Bar Association collaborates with KSU-Tuscarawas in establishing standards and selecting candidates for these scholarships. Any inquiries regarding application for these scholarships may be directed to KSU-Tuscarawas administration.